About Us

Simple is Smarter

Where did we start?

The Octovid team is made up of animation professionals, marketing experts and super clever programmers.

We’ve nearly 20 years of working professionally in the animation, TV and video production industries. This combined with extensive experience in developing leading software products puts us in the ideal position to develop Octovid.

At Octovid, we know what goes into a good promotional video and we’ve decided to make the entire animated video process streamlined and easier than ever before – for everyone.

Why do we do what we do?

We’ve made videos like these for years for individual clients, now with the Octovid app this service is available to everyone.

Octovid was made to make it easy for any ecommerce store to create and share professionally animated videos.

Our mission it to democratise the production of animated videos and allow all ecommerce stores an equal opportunity to gain market share through adverts and social media videos while maintaining high standards and diversity throughout.

Where are we based?

We are based in Dublin, Ireland but our company founders have travelled all over the world while working freelance. This freedom is what we love, this “laptop lifestyle” is what everyone wants.  We hope to give the opportunity of this choice to our customers by offering an easy way to create marketing videos on the go.