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Suggested steps to follow

A first time visitor to your website is welcomed by a video which is relevant to them. It could have footage or a message relating to their current time of day, location, language or weather conditions.

With Facebook pixel setup on your website, you can now re-target ads to your audience and segment them based on designation. For example by gender or age. When they click your ad on Facebook, these specific merge tags can be added to your website URL to personalize their next video further.

For returning visitors, you could add a CTA button in your video which links to your newsletter signup page for example. Once this visitor becomes a subscriber to your mailing list, this is where things get really interesting.

Send an email campaign out to new subscribers. Place a link in your email with specific merge tags such as name for example. Now when this subscriber clicks through to your website, their name will appear in the video which welcomes them!

You can track which website pages the visitor is coming from and if the come from a specific product page for example, you can set the video to dynamically update and present the viewer with a discount. The CTA button in the video can have the product page URL with the discount applied.

Send a thank you email to customers and link to a web page with a video of you saying thanks and their name and product inserted into the video. Perhaps add a CTA button in the video to encourage them to share your website link on social media.

"We at DMG are committed to exploring innovation and video personalization as the next big leap in video communications. We're delighted to partner with Octovid at this crucial stage of their development to provide our advertisers with the ability to speak directly to their customers. I believe Octovid has a very bright future in 1:1 video personalization."

Doug Farrell

Group Head of Digital Strategy,

DMG Media Ireland

Our Mission

Our mission is to minimize your Cost of Customer Acquisition and maximize sale conversions by enabling you to create an intuitive customer experience through video automation.


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