Build Better Customer Relationships at Scale with Personalized Videos

If you want your website visitors to come to you again and again, then it’s important to establish a very powerful relationship with them. You can’t do that with generalized content. Instead, you want to use Personalized Videos that will entice customers, bring them lots and lots of information, while also eliminating many concerns. 

Understanding the stages of your customer’s journey

First, the customer will browse the store, trying to find something that piques his curiosity. That’s what you want to target here, you want to create Personalized Videos that really entice the viewer to take action. Then he will build the cart and finalize the purchase. You also have to think about the post-purchase experience, maybe you can create a personalized video to thank the customer for his purchase. It really helps bring in more people back to your business.

Do Personalized Videos really work?

When someone sees an email or a Personalized Video with their name on it, they become intrigued. As a result, they will start browsing your website more, and they will even buy something. It’s a system that really works, and the value itself is nothing short of impressive. With a tool like the Octovid Player you can set up automations and create millions of video variants in just a few minutes

The video can be fully adapted to suit the customer’s location, it can show their current time, weather conditions and location. Everything can be done in real time, showing customers the best possible value and the experience will shine thanks to that. 

An example of personalized videos

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Using Personalized Videos for customer retention

The primary focus when you use a Personalized Video is to try and retain the customer attention. It’s very hard nowadays to acquire a customer, since the acquisition costs can be very high. So once you gain a customer, you need to find the right tools to keep them connected to your brand. Thankfully, the Octovid Player can help you fully customize videos, adapt them to the customer requirements and showcase all the information and content you want. It’s a system that works flawlessly, and you will find it incredibly dependable. 


By implementing Personalized Videos on your website, you get to show your customer that you truly care about them and that you want to establish a great business relationship. Go one step forward with a special deal, and you can retain that customer’s attention for a very long time.

Ways to boost the customer relationship with Personalized Videos

If you want to create a genuine connection, the best thing you can do is to start with the end in mind. You also want to embrace the human element and connect with the customer at an emotional level. It’s important to solve a problem with your videos and content, as that’s what will give you the type of results and quality you would expect.

At the end of the day, a great customer relationship can help you expand your business and achieve growth naturally. With the right Personalized Videos, it will be easier than ever to create a connection with every customer. From here to generating leads and customers it will be one single step. Avail this great opportunity and give the Octovid Player a try if you want state of the art results and a wonderful, innovative way to connect with your customers! 

Using the Octovid Player, your video will react differently to each viewer and display different content based on the viewer’s current time, location, and weather conditions. If you decide to send out an email campaign that includes your subscribers’ names, Octovid Player will include each subscriber’s name as text when they view the video making it personalized.

Integrates with leading sales email and outreach apps to automate your campaigns

Octovid Player’s AI pulls audience insights from your favorite APIs and uses it to create dynamic marketing videos that connect 6x better than a static “mass” video.

How Octovid Player works with your email marketing campaigns

Having all the information about how effective Octovid Player can be in your Klaviyo email marketing for Shopify without knowing how to implement it is not good enough. Not to worry, I’ll walk you through the few easy steps on how Octovid Player will work in your Klaviyo email marketing to get the best results.

Step 1:

Welcome new visitors to your Shopify site with a video that is relevant to them. This message will relate to each visitor by showing their current time of day, location, language, or weather conditions.

Step 2:

Set up a Facebook pixel on your website to redirect your audience to your site once your ads are clicked. You can further personalize the video when they click your ads by including merge tags to your website.

Step 3:

For existing visitors, you can include a call-to-action button directly in your video that links to your newsletter signup page for example. This CTA can use any URL destination and is incredibly flexible.

Step 4:

Send an email campaign to both new and existing subscribers. Then add specific merge tags, such as their name to the link you'll include in your email. Once the subscriber clicks, they will view the video with their name appearing in it.

Step 5:

You can track which website pages your visitors are coming from and also set the video to update and present the viewer with a discount. The Call-to-action button in the video can have the product page URL with the discount applied.

Step 6:

Thank them by sending a personalized video email that redirects to your site. Adding a call-to-action button such as a share button can increase your brand visibility once your subscriber takes action.

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