Ep38 Milk Bottle Shopify Podcast with Ray Mongey

We were delighted to be asked on the Milk Bottle Labs, Milk Bottle Shopify Podcast recently. Our founder, Ray Mongey speaks to Keith Matthews about Octovid Player, what it does, how it can benefit your Shopify store or online business website and how we’ve got to where we are today.

Enjoy the next thirty minutes interview, we know we really enjoyed recording it!

Our founder Ray Mongey on Milk Bottle Podcast

“You can add the video player to your website or your store. And you can actually change the settings using the Octovid Player. So essentially the video will update and change in real time.”

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Milk Bottle Labs 0:18

Welcome to the Milk Bottle Shopify ecommerce podcast brought to you by Milk Bottle Labs, Ireland’s top rated Shopify experts, Milk Bottle Labs, build, upgrade, migrate, and markets, Shopify and Shopify plus stores all over the world Milk Bottle will migrate you onto Shopify with zero interruption guaranteed, or optimize your Shopify store and maximize store sales.

This podcast is kindly supported by our favorite Shopify app, and the only app we install in every store, rewind.io is the leading backup solution for your Shopify store. We’ll talk more about rewind later. Now over to your host, founder of Milk Bottle Labs, Keith Matthews.

An introduction to the Octovid Player

Keith Matthews 1:04

Hey, folks, welcome back. My guest today is Ray Mongey. Ray is the founder of Octovid Player, which is a marketing platform that creates hyper personalization for your videos. And I had a good idea of what hyper personalization was before I spoke Ray. But if you want to create ads that could actually have the name of your car or your customer’s car, or your customers dog or address layered on to the video ads to create and a level of personalization, which I haven’t quite seen yet. Stay tuned. So here it goes.

Ray Mongey. How are you?

Ray Mongey 1:42

I’m very well, thank Keith. How are you keeping?

Keith Matthews 1:45

We’re keeping well, just before I press record there, we were just discussing the latest lockdown in Dublin. So third week in September, everybody in the restaurant trade unfortunately, that of work, indoor restaurants, bars in the capital of Ireland will be shut down. So other than that, Ray, we’re doing good onirstly, thanks for your time. You’ve been a big supporter of our meetups in Dublin over the last few years on the last time we met I think was it may have been our our last one actually prior to the lockdown. So it’s really, it’s great to finally have an Irish app developer on the podcast. So thanks for your time. Brilliant, you know, it’s a pleasure to be on. Thanks for asking. And yes, I enjoyed those points. So Oh, yeah, we ended up in a very London esc hotel on Harcourt Street. What was that? Can you think of the name it?

Ray Mongey 2:31

I can’t it’s across row from the Berlin where we were bought those Shopify people there as well. So actually made some really good contacts with thanks for inviting me to this the after drinks, it’s really nice, actually.

Keith Matthews 2:43

That’s good. After drinks are there opens everybody when we’re gonna do that. Again. It’s beyond me, obviously, with what’s going on. But look, I remember that time you are explaining what Octovid Player it is and what you were doing. But before we get into that, I was just reading your profile. First thing is, there must be too much that you don’t know about video because you’ve worked all over the world. Give us your background.

Ray Mongey 3:05

Yeah, I’ve been doing it for years, mainly, say animation and motion graphics VFX, that sort of thing. So I guess when I was in college, a long time ago, one of my tutors put me in touch with a company. And they were saying, Hey, can you do? Can you do this sort of video and you can you do this short of animation? And I said, Yeah, I can do all that. But there was there was there wasn’t much work in Ireland at the time and I was just leaving college, so I actually booked my one way sort of visa over to Canada. So when they when they asked me this question, I said, Yeah, I can do that. But I’m leaving the country in two weeks. They said well, we like your work. We don’t care what your what you’re doing or where you are. If you’re sitting on a beach, you can actually do the work and send it back we’ll pay you. So that was the beginnings of my probably five five year on an off traveling around as a what’s called now a digital nomad. I guess I’m getting paid for what I love doing so yeah, it was a very interesting time of my life.

Keith Matthews 4:03

It’s all changed digital nomad. It was originally called outsourcing then you were you were cool if you’re a freelancer because you owned your own calendar and now it’s digital nomad. So he probably changed the lives I suppose.

Ray Mongey 4:17

Yeah, I was everything I even when I got back from traveling, then I would have setup a business as well in the city center. That was video production and animation. So sort of grew that out, I had some really good stuff. You know, really good team behind us. But certain things happen sometimes. And sometimes when when things are hit businesses fail, but I guess it’s really down to like, shit is going to happen, but it’s really how you deal with it. I think that’s the main thing. So no, it was a hard hit, but hopefully recovered from that.

Keith Matthews 4:53

Are Brown Bag Films, are they Irish.

Ray Mongey 4:55

Yes, that’s right. Well, it is headed by Cathal Gaffney based in Smithfield. there now at the minute but they were recently acquired by story seven, I think is the name of the company. I think they’re actually American. So a lot of the really good Animation Studios based in Ireland are actually been acquired or these, in some ways, bought or funded by I’m not too sure the details and like boulder animation has been, as far as I know, bought by Hasbro, which is a toy manufacturer.

Keith Matthews 5:23

Toy company yeah.

Ray Mongey 5:23

Exactly. So it’s just if you have, if you have the IP on, on toys, for example, or any physical products, then they’re going to make especially with kids toys, they’re going to make cartoon series about it and films about it, because that’s where the money is. Yeah, there’s a lot of very successful Irish animation companies. Yeah, it’s really interesting.

Keith Matthews 5:43

I used to in a former life, I used to do stand up comedy and these two gig with a girl in the Haven Inn back in 2006 2007. And she was involved. I think it was a Brown Bags production and she was nominated for an Oscar.

Ray Mongey 5:57

Yeah, absolutely.

What is hyper personalized video marketing ads?

Keith Matthews 5:58

Three, four years ago. But anyway, we’ll move on so so at the moment, you’re running Octovid Player. And I’m just reading from the front of the website. I mean, I know exactly what it does, hyper personalized video marketing ads in minutes. So explain to the listeners without the beautifully handwritten tagline exactly what Octovid Player does.

Ray Mongey 6:18

Yeah, absolutely and so it’s, it’s essentially, if you, if you have any video content yourself, or stock video footage that you can get online, you can add a video player to your, your website or your store. And you can actually change the settings using the Octovid Player. So essentially, the video will update and change in real time, based on who’s viewing it. So for example, if I’m in Dublin, and it’s 8am, and it’s a sunny day, then it’s going to use that information to present the message to me, if I’m in Galway, and it’s 9pm at night, and it’s raining, then the message is going to be different. But it will also change the video footage. So if you have your product, for example, then you can actually show that product in that specific time, location or, or weather. So all you need is video footage of of whatever you want to put into it. And then the player itself will actually dynamically swap out to make it more relatable to whoever’s viewing the video.

How do I add personalized videos to my website?

Keith Matthews 7:26

Okay, so quick question is Octovid Player hosting video?

Ray Mongey 7:29

Yeah we’re hosting it on AWS so in Ireland on an EC2 instance. So yeah, it’s in Ireland.

Keith Matthews 7:38

So if I want to place that then on my Shopify store, you’re giving me an embed code similar to embeding in YouTube? Or is there an app needed in a Shopify store?

Ray Mongey 7:46

Oh, no, it’s just the embed code. Yeah, absolutely. You can pop that into onto any page on your Shopify store or on your WordPress website or HTML page. So it’s, it’s very flexible, you just copy that and paste it in, as you said, just like a YouTube iframe sort of snippet of code.

As easy as embeding a YouTube video but with many more benefits!

How does personalized videos help my business?

Keith Matthews 8:02

So Ray, if I was running a successful Shopify store, and or anywhere else in the world, video is clearly the way forward. Okay? The difference between ordinary video or standard video or branded video is clearly the fact this, you’re personalizing the video, we’re layering the message on top, how would that actually help my business?

Ray Mongey 8:22

It can make it more relatable. So for example, one of our Shopify store users, she sells products for like allergy products for dogs. So when I was having a chat with her on zoom, because I’m doing a lot of sort of demo calls as well, still now. But she was saying that she knows the in our MailChimp or Klaviyo account, she knows the purchaser. 

So the customer say Susan, for example, what she said, If you knew the dog’s name, you could put that in as well as a dynamic merge tag. So the dog’s name actually appears in the video on the landing page. And she thought that was really funny because she actually had the dog’s names as well. So the message could come up as “Hey, Susan how’s Rex doing?”. And then do you know what you can actually do? If you knew the breeds of these dogs, you can actually change it. So if Rex is a chihuahua, you can have video footage of generic video footage of Rex a chihuahua beside your product, so that when the breed was a merged tag that would then trigger the player when the person clicked on your landing page to then update that video to show the Chihuahua as opposed to a Doberman, for example, so that’s this like, is incredibly flexible, to be honest, we’re learning about this tool that we’re building every day from, from chatting to people, it’s so flexible.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Personalized Videos On Your Website?

It actually changed the video footage dynamically in real time to show that specific breed of dog to that specific subscriber. The customer laughed and said that they were going to go out and film different breeds of dogs on their phone throughout their neighborhood.

Keith Matthews 9:42

They say it’s natural that you always you’re not doing your job properly. If you just think that you’re focused on one thing, you’re not going to in any way, pivot or change. So I suppose just to go back to that point number one, Thanks for answering the question because I can understand straight away exactly what hyper personalization is. There’s very few platforms out there that can actually personalize based on a dog’s name or breed, I’m assuming then you could adopt the same thing. If you knew somebody with a customer’s car range was or they lived in terms of their location, you probably do the same, could you?

Ray Mongey 10:12

Absolutely Well, if for the car range, then you could add in the merge tag, create a merge tag in, in Octovid Player like say model for the model of car, for example, but if you had that information in your mailing list, then that model will then update either the text, so say, BMW or Mercedes or whatever it is. Or if you have the video footage of these different vehicles, then it will actually dynamically change that video footage the same as the dog breed. So yes, it’s it’s quite powerful on what it can do there.

Keith Matthews 10:43

Very powerful.


how's our



Adjusting your business to suit the market

Keith Matthews 10:51

Can I just go back one bit? You mentioned that you’re constantly changing and learning. Does that mean, do I sense there was a pilot early on? Or was there a change in direction.

Ray Mongey 10:54

There was definitely we originally because my background, as I said, is animation, video production and that and what I looked at originally was actually making nice looking motion graphics templates so that store owners can actually just search for their products inside the app and then add their products in and then they’ve got a video straightaway. And that’s great. And we developed that app, and it’s available there as well.

So it was actually one element of that was to make things dynamic. And then it was around about Christmas last year, that a different competitor came into the market of making just standard static videos for ecommerce. And basically, I looked at them and said, Okay, well, you know, if you can’t beat them add value. So what we’ve done now is focused primarily on the dynamic side of things and the personalization side of things, because you can import any video footage that you have with our tool now, that means that you can use any video maker so you can make a video with your phone, you can get stock footage, you can use an online tool for making a nice looking video, and then upload that video into Octovid Player, and then create the different variants and make it all dynamic. So I guess it’s it was a pivot based on what we knew we wanted to do regarding personalization, what we were being told by the marketplace of what, what’s needed and what they want. And then at the same time, there was a hard push from our competitors coming in and making templates and video makers, which they’re, they’re a dime a dozen at the minute, we’re a bit slow off the mark getting original app to market.

But based on that it’s really excelled us and pushed us in this direction. And we’ve actually developed the tool a whole lot faster than than the previous one. So it’s really interesting to be honest. And we’ve got bigger agencies in Ireland as well who are really interested in what we’re doing and they’re pushing a big player as well for actual large, large contracts that they’re winning. So we just got news only last Friday that it’s going to be used in a large, large campaign campaign for a well known company here in Ireland. So that’s going to be really interesting. So it’s not, it’s not only ecommerce that we’re actually looking at for this platform, we’ve gotten a lot of interest from the bigger companies and agencies as well. So as I said before, we’re we’re learning from this tool. It’s it’s very interesting.

Keith Matthews 13:19

That’s right on well done on, on every everybody that I speak to, you know, even ourselves in Milk Bottle, every day’s a school day, as they say, exactly.

Use customers names in Personalized videos

Keith Matthews 13:39

Ray, one of the channels that we push with the majority of our store owners is email. Does that mean I can use those merge tags you mentioned and post shows a video which would personalize our email or is that taking it too far?

Ray Mongey 13:42

No, that’s exactly what it does. That’s exactly it. So we have direct MailChimp integration at the minute we’re working on that Klaviyo am I pronouncing that correct? Klaviyo?

Keith Matthews 13:55

Well, it’s Klaviyo or Klaviyo in my pronunciation of my understanding is is that it is Klaviyo.

Ray Mongey 14:01


Keith Matthews 14:01

Talk us through what a customer would have to do to send team of milk bottle then a personalized video or a thank you note of some sorts, what would they have to do?

Ray Mongey 14:11

Okay, so which of your Octovid Player account, you add in your video footage, you type your message like Hi, and put underscore name, for example. And whatever the rest of the message is. So you embed that on your your landing page, and then you send out an email campaign through your mailing list. And essentially for the link for the button that will link to that landing page. You just simply add the merge tag of, underscore name equals and then in MailChimp, for example, it’s *|FNAME|*. So that will be the person’s first name, and then send a send that out and then that’s it. So every individual recipient of them emails clicks on that link and very similar to how the email will be personalized, as in a says “Hi Suzanne,” “Hi Jennifer“, whoever’s the person’s name is in the actual body of the email, the same thing is happening with the link there.

So when they click on the link that brings them to your landing page, except it dynamically takes that name and sticks it into the video at real time. So every person on your mailing list, we’ll click on that link and see their name in the video. So that’s, that’s to begin with. That’s the easy part. And after that, it is, as I said, if you know their purchase history, for example, you can put a product that they purchased or whatever in there and only change. “Hey, we see that you bought this bicycle Do you want to buy this helmet“, but you can actually change the video footage as well to show the video of the bicycle, for example, or dynamically change it in anyway.

What Is Personalized Marketing?

Personalized marketing is all around us and you may be more familiarized with it than you know. In simple terms, personalized marketing, also known as one-to-one marketing, consists of delivering personalized content to your target audience, based on data collection, analysis, and the implementation of automation technology.

Read more on our “What Is Personalized Marketing?” blog post.

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Milk Bottle Labs 15:46
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Use customer experiences on your store to create content

Keith Matthews 16:47

Now, back to the interview for the Shopify listeners, then if you’re working with an agency or you had, you know, even a small marketing team, they could plan a campaign and they could upload let’s say 10 different videos into Octovid Player, which represented 10 different products, hyper personalize the video, and then mail shot their entire base with us. Is that the way agencies would use it?

Ray Mongey 17:08

Absolutely, yeah, that makes perfect sense. Another thing that I’d like to point out is somebody asked us about they have a Shopify store selling kids clothes and baby clothes, and they do little raincoats as well. It’s really lovely looking designs and everything. And they have a review page on their website, for example. So they were saying on the a review page, we’ve got, you know, people saying, Oh, we love this brand, and this product and that product and this product. But it would be great to have that review page, have the video on the review page actually dynamically change entirely based on whichever page and whichever product page that the user came from.

So if they landed on the little yellow raincoat page, and clicked on the reviews, then the review page would have somebody holding up the little yellow raincoat saying we love this product kid loves it, it’s great, great quality, etc. So basically, it can use the referral link of where the person came from to actually dynamically update the video as well. So whatever data you can put into it that you have in your mailing list, for example, or referral linking or dynamic stuff like time of day, day to week, the weather conditions location.

So if you have a special offer, you can say it’s today’s special offer. But when if somebody looks at that video or your landing page on a Tuesday, it will say Tuesday’s special offer, click here to buy. And then you can add the dynamic button as well. So.

Keith Matthews 18:35

Gosh, what you explained is very powerful.

Integrates with leading sales email and outreach apps to automate your campaigns

Octovid Player’s AI pulls audience insights from your favorite APIs and uses it to create dynamic marketing videos that connect 6x better than a static “mass” video.

Create better customer experiences with data

Keith Matthews 18:39

So in terms of the dashboard, and in terms of data in terms of analytics, the first thing, a Shopify users say, Well, you know, does it increase conversions? So what sort of data can you supply to the customer based on all of those videos that were sent out and all of the plays? Now, I’m not trying to catch you out, it’s obviously requires time to build out a decent dashboard, but at what stage are you at in terms of supplying the customer the data.

Ray Mongey 19:00

If I was very honest with you, which I am, we’ve got a basic analytics and now at the minute where essentially, it just tracks the impressions. So it counts up the impressions that you’ve had. So how many times the video was viewed, the plan is to build that out. So you can get a lot of data from Google Analytics, and we’re not going to compete with them, obviously. But what we will be able to do at some point is to tell you how long the video was viewed for which variants of that video was actually viewed. So kind of allowing you to AB split test the video itself the dynamic videos. So then, you know next time to do a little bit less of that and a little bit more of this to help the conversion rates. And then as well as that because we have the option to add a button into the video.

So depending on which variant, the person views, there’s a button there and when they click the button, then we’ll be able to track that as well. So that you’ll be able to see in your dashboard, which variants of the video they watch, how long did watch before and did they click the call to action button that you wanted them to? So.

Keith Matthews 20:05

What you’ve just explained there, you know, is a good start, obviously, you’re aware of Klaviyo. But if I was building any piece of software, tomorrow would be, I’d be looking at the Shopify dashboard. Mailchimp’s dashboard and Klaviyo’s dashboard. They’re the metrics that people are looking for. But as you say, obviously, nobody’s ever going to compete with Google, you’re providing at least impressions, which is a good thing.

Ray Mongey 20:23

For the for the minute. Yeah, definitely. And I think we’re really not trying to reinvent the wheel. I think what we do have is a piece of tech that we’re learning from, and it’s evolving itself that kind of, so we don’t want to go fully into analytics, because you can find that information yourself. So I’d rather focus on what what we’re good at really, and, you know, give some analytics but not not focus on our time and effort on that.

Keith Matthews 20:48

Yeah, no, I agree. With you absolutely. 100%

Use Facebook ads to create personalized videos

Keith Matthews 20:50

I’m assuming that’s a big kind of curveball that you get off plenty people is, but sure look at. I can get personalized video on Facebook or get personalized videos on Instagram, or I can guess, nicely designed videos by an agency for Facebook and Instagram. But can I create a personalized video for Facebook or Instagram, just as you’ve described?

Ray Mongey 21:12

To give you the blunt answer? If you’re asking, Can you use say the Octovid Player to make a personalized video for these platforms? The answer is no, unfortunately, because Facebook would have their own proprietary video player which they’re, not opening up to allow you to make personalization to the videos. But what you can do is you can actually create, and we’ve got a demo on the website there as well. But if you had an an ad campaign, maybe targeting males and females, if you’re a fashion store, for example, then you can set up that ad variant in Facebook, and they use actually use Facebook’s data to target each gender, for example. So it would still be mystore.com. But for the male one, it could be mystore.com#male, and zero will be mystore.com#female. So they’re both going to the same landing page, but the video down picks up on that tag that’s in the URL, and then it dynamically changes the video content to display for that specific viewer.

So yeah, does it there’s a demo on the website there. That’s say trainers. So it shows two people jogging, for example, on this, it says hey joggers, look at our special offers and then the button clicks to the special offers, for example. But if, if you’re going to that website with the tag of male or the tag of female, in the URL from whatever ad that you come from, then the video dynamically changes to that specific gender to present a woman jogging and the messages are tailored towards women, and then vice versa for for the male as well.

Keith Matthews 22:49

Gosh it’s very clever.

Ray Mongey 22:51

It’s again, we’re not trying to reinvent the wheel, like Facebook knows data, you know, we’re not, we’re not going to compete with them, again, focus on what we’re good at and give. Essentially, it’s given our customers the ability to use all these tools like the analytics from Klaviyo and Mailchimp, and Google and all the data that that Facebook already has. And it’s basically just saying, you create the content and shove it into our Octovid Player, and then let these other tools actually pass the order data in. And then it generates new video content so that each visitor to your to your page actually sees a much more relatable video and it’s more personable to them. So.

Keith Matthews 23:37

Also, you’re using Facebook’s data to bring people to your site, and you’re using the data to make the experience on your site, a better experience, which you would then hope would increase conversions and increase sales. Whereas if you’re not doing that on Facebook all they’re really, their constantly incentivizing you to just spend more money on different ads.

Ray Mongey 23:56


Keith Matthews 23:56

But this is you know, this is using the data that you’ve already spent the money on to improve the on site experience. So I didn’t know that actually. So that’s that’s good point you made.

Want to give it a try?

Generic Male Female

Personalized video based on customer location

Ray Mongey 24:05

It is evolving rapidly what we’re doing and I’m trying to, I’m doing video tutorials and I’m doing demo calls and all that and it’s great to be speaking to all these Shopify users and finding out how how they’re using their tools because like say for example, I spoke to a couple that run a store and they sell high end phones with really high spec camera lenses on them and then they sell also sell DSLR cameras with lenses and so it’s all video and photography equipment. But their main market is they’re based in the UK now but their main market is the UK the UAE and Saudi Arabia but they were saying basically they know that their audience in Saudi Arabia their customers are buying really high spec you know, 8k video Huawei phones, for example. But say in the UK, they might buy really high spec lenses from them.

So they were asking is there any way that they could use Octovid Player to actually utilize the information that they have already. So in, in our player, you’ve got the option to say, country. So you add in a new layer for country. And you say, Okay, if the country equals UK, then display this video and this message that talks about the high end lenses, so video footage of the nice lenses, but if the viewer is in Saudi Arabia, then display the video footage of the high spec camera phone and actually talk with camera phones instead. So it automatically does that based on the viewers location. So immediately, it’s making the video much more relevant to your target market in that region.

Yeah, we’re learning everyday, like their features that we sort of built in and had an idea of how useful they would be. But it’s really only speaking to our customers. And they’re saying, this would be brilliant for this kind of do this. And we’re saying, actually, you can. So I’m, I’m happy to chat to anybody about it to see if we can help them too.


Keith Matthews 26:03

But that’s what you’re looking at, we’ll have all your links in the in the show notes and your experience in terms of talking to customers, a lot of people I don’t think realize that matter of fact, it’s from your customers that you’ll actually get most of your ideas. So.

Ray Mongey 26:15


GDPR compliant and data use

Keith Matthews 26:16

To go back to the point, you know about the data. At the end of the day, if somebody asks you something, you just in your head, you probably go well, can we get the data on that? then the answer is yes. And all the data is available. So you’re kind of have an unlimited runway for how the product can improve and get bigger. As long as the data is there, you can use it.

Ray Mongey 26:35

Absolutely, yeah. And as long as long as you’re allowed use the data, of course with GDPR, and everything else. So we’ve, we spent a lot of time just making sure that everybody’s compliant there as well. But if you have the data, and you have the content, then essentially the Octovid Player just marries them together, and you end up with engaging videos, but have the extra layer of personalization. So I don’t know, it’s a really interesting product, for me coming from just viewing it to be honest, because I’m learning about everyday as well. So.

How much does personalized video marketing cost?

Keith Matthews 27:04

Great. So one of the things I know that most people will want to know now is the pricing. So question for you, how on earth do you price the product like that?

Ray Mongey 27:13

It’s been interesting, it’s really based on feedback of speaking to specifically Shopify users of who use Klaviyo and what have you is MailChimp or maybe they still do not use MailChimp, and just finding out, you know, if they’re sending out a campaign, for example, they’re making the email personalized, so they’d love to make the actual landing page and the video itself personalized. So it’s sort of trying to base it on, on that sort of pricing plan and I did mention earlier, we’ve got the bigger agencies that are looking at it. So we’re trying to figure out the easiest way for us to implement a pricing model, but answer the fairest way for our customers. So what we’ve ended up doing is created a pay as you go plan. So it means that if you sign up for an account, you get 500 impressions free with your with your account to test it out. But when you want to buy more impressions, then you have to buy more credits. So.

Keith Matthews 28:09

Ray, just on the agency side of things just be very, very careful. I’ve spoken to a number of app developers who have realized that agencies are using they’re out probably charging customers thousands of euros and they’re using consumer based pricing. So.

Ray Mongey 28:21


Keith Matthews 28:22

I’ve worked in telecoms for a few years and at one stage was it was very close to the pricing team. And it’s very, very, very difficult to get pricing, right. And when you get it wrong, it’s very hard to reverse it revert back to a profitable model. But look, I’m sure you know this.

Ray Mongey 28:36

Yeah, well, it’s because of with a with Glue the video production company, I would have worked with agencies for for a long time for years. So I know about that. And it really is the value and especially if they can white label Octovid Player, which at the minute, there’s a little Octovid Player tag and a link on the player but to white label it you pay a bit more for that. So it is it is something that I’m constantly looking at and seeing how we’re going to work with it. Yeah, if the agencies are going to drive a lot of traffic, and you know, we’re going to build up good case studies as well, because, you know, it will help our business as a whole then we’re okay to do that.

But yeah, there’s a there’s a big difference between charging for agencies and then charging for everybody else. So I think it’s trying to find the balance of Okay, well, the agency will get the white label option added in perhaps, you know, something like that. But we’re figuring it out still.

Keith Matthews 29:31

Yeah, no, you will figure it out as time goes on.

Wrap up

Keith Matthews 29:35

But listen, Ray, thank you very, very much for sharing your experience with us. I’m delighted to hear that the app is doing so well. We will have all of the links, including a pricing page. Yeah, in the show notes. I’d love to talk to you again, maybe in 12 months time to check back and see exactly what sort of success you’ve had the way you explain it and given the passion that you have for it I think it’s you know, I think and I certainly wish you all the best in the hopes company’s success.

Ray Mongey 29:58

Excellent. Thank you very much. Again, thank you for having me on the podcast I actually one thing I was speaking to Aiden from videotree who was on with you recently. I think what he’s doing is fantastic and actually training people on how to create better video content. I’m hopefully going to get on a call with him as well to see how we can maybe work together at some stage in the future. So this podcast is already helped me so thank you.

Keith Matthews 30:23

Hey, Ray, nice talking to you. I will talk to you soon.

Ray Mongey 30:25

Excellent. Cheers, Keith.

Keith Matthews 30:27


Ray Mongey 30:28


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Milk Bottle Labs 30:31
Thanks for listening to the Milk Bottles, Shopify ecommerce podcast. All of our episodes are available on Spotify and iTunes. We really appreciate the support of our sponsor, rewind.io the leading backup solution for your Shopify store, get your first month of rewind for free. just respond to any of the welcome messages or emails after you begin your seven day free trial and mention our podcast [Milk Bottle Shopify Podcast]. Until next time, take care.

Milk Bottle Shopify Podcast

Hosted by Keith Matthews, Founder of Ireland’s largest Shopify agency, Keith interviews merchants, developers, fellow agency owners & Shopify folk with a view to sharing as many Shopify tips & tricks as possible.


Special thanks to Keith Matthews from Milk Bottle Labs for inviting us to speak on the Milk Bottle Shopify Podcast!

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