Octovid helps people like you create professional video content for promoting your Shopify store.

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Create, edit and share. 

Octovid is the all-in-one video app for Shopify.

Add your products

Simply use Octovids search facility to quickly add your products or collections to the video project. It’s as easy as search and click.

Adjust the details

Quickly update any text, this includes the product name, description, price and compare price if it has one. You can also click the product image to select a different one and upload your own images or search the library.

Select a template

Our motion graphics designers have done all the hard work, you just need to select from our growing library of professionally designed animated templates. 

One-click share

Once you’re happy with your animated video just click “Finalise & Share” and then confirm – we’ll take care of the rest. You can then click on each social media platform icon you’d like to share your newly created video with.

We do all the hard work

Which means making professional marketing videos for your store is easy.

No Video Editing
Experience Needed

Simple drag & drop interface, you'll be up and running in no time. Create new promotional video ads in minutes

Keep Your Branding Consistent, Always

Choose from our themes and apply your brand colours to your video ads, add your shop logo and website

No Waiting Around To
See A Preview Video

Add a new product and view how your video ads look instantly with no time delays

No Need To Download Your Video and Upload Again

Share your video ads directly and natively to your social networks so it autoplays in your target audiences feeds

Schedule Posts,
Get On With Other Things

Create your advert now, schedule it to send on multiple social networks when you need

Track Best Preforming Videos And Optimize ROI

See how well your video ads are preforming across the various social media platforms and which is driving traffic

Frequently asked questions:

Octovid is connected with your store when you install it. This let’s you quickly search for products you sell and allows you to add them to an animation with the click of a mouse. You can then change any details you like (this does not effect your actual product). From there you choose a template and instantly view your animated video. Once you’re happy with how it looks, click finalise & share to export your video to your choosen social media destinations.

Octovid will be charged on a monthly basis. We have two subscription tiers, Professional $14.99 and Power $29.99. 

Until we launch our app to the public, you can only access it by invite only.

Yes, of course! Right now Octovid is FREE for beta testers. If you’d like to to signup as a tester, please email support@octovid.com and we’ll get you setup with an account.

You can start using Octovid right away by signing up below for an early access account (which is currently FREE!). Click here to get notified.

Absolutely, Octovid is speicifcally designed to work with Shopify stores. This means everything you need is at your fingertips.

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