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There’s no doubt that getting your audience’s attention is not only difficult but also an essential part of marketing your products and services successfully.

In order to grab your audience’s attention, you have to deliver your information in a way that they actually want to engage with, and that is the super power of product video ads!


Why do people love video?

According to studies, the content of a product video is 4X more likely to be watched than the same content
read about in text; Forbes states that 59% of executives say they prefer video to text; and MarketingSherpa
reports that video doubles time-on-page!

Video Marketing Ads have taken over the marketing world and is here to stay for a while. The benefits of
product video ads in marketing have been proven success about time, and time, and time again. We can
fully comprehend only one thing: video marketing works and all statistics show and constantly emphasize
that people are willing to give their attention to video, but it’s up to you to use this superpower and to do it
effectively. Video Marketing Ads have taken over the marketing world and is here to stay for a while. But if you
want to become a marketing hero you must have certainty of your powers. Here are some key fundamentals
to get your product video ads running successfully and position yourself above your competitors.

Do it right, make a winning video ad:

– Keep Your Video Short and Concise: 

Just like commercial ads on TV, you have a very specific amount of seconds to talk about your product, your offers and your brand. But don’t worry because video is so effective that once you start creating your product video ads you will see that the amount of information you can squeeze within a few seconds is plenty and sometimes you will find yourself under the situation where you still need to cover some extra seconds to fill your ad in the right amount of seconds. Ads for social media tend to be 10 seconds length, some are 5 seconds (the optimate, is possible). And long video ads that you find on your social media feed or on Youtube are between 15 to 30 seconds in length.


– 20% Text Rule:

Most PPC services and social media platforms require that your ad (including video) keeps the amount of text lower than 20% of the screen size. This means that for example, if your logo is a very long worded name then you will probably have to make it really small in the corner of your video in order to fit any other important messages within your product video ad. I know is a problem, I have had my share of tantrums over this rule, but apparently people don’t like to read. So basically keep your video full of icons and go straight to the point when writing text.


– Music, Images and Slogans:

We at have come to notice that our users want to include music or images that are not copyrighted. Avoid yourself the hassle of having your video ad unapproved time after time. There are many open sources for images and music out there, make sure all the resources you use when creating your video ad are loyalty free or totally yours. We recommend your video ad to be unique, this means that only your products, your inventory images, your testimonials and your brand should be shown in your video ad. First, because that will build trust and awareness to your audience, and secondly because you don’t want to end up looking like your competitors. The idea is for your business to shine and stand out. Go that extra mile and take pretty pictures of your inventory (preferably with white background) and create your brand identity as exclusive as possible.

– Target audience:

Sometimes business owners create campaigns and brands that they like when the true purpose of marketing is to reach out to as many people as you can. By doing something that you and only you like, you might be isolating an entire universe of potential buyers by making your brand exclusive and aloof or distant to your customers. Make sure you target your audience using a simple rule: region, demographics, age/gender and interests. This should dictate what your brand your store and you video ads should look like. Is not the same to sell women’s shoes in Iran as to sell the same shoes in America, just make yourself available and trustworthy to your target audience and keep consistent with the look and feel of your brand for your audience to become identified with you.


With the Octovid Player you can power up your marketing advertising ideas by creating high quality stunning product video ads within minutes. We offer the best solution for your marketing needs: quick and easy, at an affordable price and with the most beautifully designed premium templates.

Facts don’t lie, Video Product Ads boost sales and generate conversions more than any other marketing tool or strategy. When you have a Personalized Video Ad Creator in your toolbox, you will be capable to reach your audience in a more personal, emotional and trustful way. With the Octovid Player you can add videos to your Shopify product page such as:

Create Shopify Product Video Ads

Create Product Intro Videos

Create Facebook Product Video Ads

Create Explainer Video Ads

Create Youtube Video Ads

Add video to Shopify product page

Create Instagram Product Video Ads

Create Video Ads for Dropshipping

Create Social Media Ads

Create Event Video Ads

Create Instagram Stories

And much more…


3 Easy Steps

1. Upload your video footage

2. Add your text

3. Create dynamic criteria

By using a Video Ad Creator like the Octovid Player you will be able to benefit from all the advantages of Video Marketing without sacrificing quality whilst saving time and resources that are essential for continuing to grow your business and generate leads.

Why use a personalized video ad creator?


The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video, and ⅓ of all online activity is dedicated to watching video. Furthermore, 69% of consumers believe a product demo best assists them when making a purchase decision. And Video attracts 3x more organic inbound links, drives 200-300% more unique monthly site visits, and increases click-through rates from Search by 41%

Nothing in the marketing world can beat video. All the research and statistics verify this, consumers feel emotionally engaged to moving images more than any other type of online advertisement. In the most recent polls we can see that customers keep reacting more to video ads than before and this trend seems to increase year by year even more: 15% responded with explainer video, 16% chose customer testimonials, and a whopping 69% chose product demos.


Personalized Video Boosts Conversions and Sales and people love sharing them!

Today’s users expect their advertising to be brief and trustworthy. By adding a product video ad to your landing page you can increase conversions by 80% and will allow your brand to inform your audience quickly and accurately about your offers, sales, your brand, your promotions or anything that you consider will boost your business. More than 1 billion videos are being shared on social media on a daily basis. This means that product video ads is a powerful platform for conversion and accurately target consumers and prospects.


Personalized Video Ads Generate Trust

Video Marketing is more than just gaining conversions, the whole concept of content marketing is based on trust and creating long-term relationships, when you humanize your brand or go in deep to demonstrate your products and services you allow your audience to take that final step towards your shopping cart.


Get started now, create stunning video ads that will boost your sales, create trust in your brand, engage your audience and expand your business with the Octovid Player Video Ad Creator.

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