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Generic Sunny Cloudy Rainy

Your video project won't need the customer to choose the weather
- it will happen automatically.

What else can the Octovid Player do?

It can dynamically change text and videos on the fly to suit your target audience – the instant they view your video. See below some other examples of what can be achieved with minimum effort.


Add customer names

Personalize your videos with whatever information you have from your mailing list

Gender based

Create multiple versions of your video to display to specific segments when advertising


Join the future of video marketing

Features list

Personalize your visitors experience with our fully featured platform. Here’s some of the Octovid Players features which can help your videos grab attention.

Use customers name

Make it personal by addressing your customers by name

Referral link

Set the video content based on URL the viewer came from


Change the video contents based on viewers weather conditions


Change your message based on viewers location

CTA buttons

Increase interactivity by adding buttons to your video

Detailed analytics

Track best performing video campaigns and adjust

UTM parameters

Sell based on viewers location, time and weather conditions

Days and dates

Display specific versions of your video based on the day

Time of day

Greet your user based on their time of day


Upload any video or audio file and make it dynamic


Customize your projects with our complex layering system

Persona preview

Test what your videos will look like to specific audiences

… and many more to come.

Why use the Octovid Player?

We’ve ensured ease of use for our customers while maintaining the ability to generate complex dynamic videos.

Easy to use

Create your very first campaign within minutes

No code solution

You don't need to be a programmer

CPM based pricing

You only pay when your videos are viewed

Join the future of video marketing

Frequently asked questions:

The Octovid Player is being used by innovative publishers, agencies and PR companies. If you want to be more relevant and create an affinity with your customers, you should use the Octovid Player. 

We’re opening up access to the Octovid Player in batches to help us understand our customers better which will ensure we build the best product for you.

As an early adopter of this product, we expect you to give honest feedback and where possible suggestions of what features you’d like to see. We have a feedback system which makes it easy for you to add suggestions and up-vote requested features. This allows us to prioritize the most sought after features and in turn build the best product for our customers.

Our pricing model is based on a monthly subscription fee for access to our product and a CPM (Clicks per mile – over for every one thousand views of a video) cost which will be calculated at the end of each billing cycle.

Yes, you can send traffic to your landing page from any email marketing tool including Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse & Klavio.

Yes, you can use any spreed-sheet to generate links for each individual in your list. This way you can add custom formulas to create complex links which personalize your video even further.

Yes, the Octovid Player will change on the fly based on any conditions you set. It can show a different message or different video entirely based on the viewers location, time and current weather conditions.

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