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See how jewelry businesses attract more customers with these product video ads samples crafted to help you create your own videos for a jewelry store!

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Showcase your store, using your own unique custom photos, add your unique logo and brand colors to personalize it. Ensure you have the perfect product video ad that resembles your store and uniqueness. Our video ad making software will do the rest.


With’s Shopify video creator app you can create product video ads in just a few minutes following 3 easy steps and publish them for all of your social media platforms. You can save time and money without sacrificing your video ad quality and create as many video ads as you want for various different purposes:


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Octovid - the Shopify video ads app

Make your promotional product video ad in just minutes thanks to our easy-to-use intuitive interface.

Octovid - the Shopify video ads app

Who said that to create a promotional video, you have to spend hours? Why invest hundreds of dollars and hire expensive agencies when you can get the same results you want at an affordable price?

Octovid - the Shopify video ads app

In order to compete in today’s ecommerce business, you need a professional video to promote your products and your store.

We have premium designed templates that are fully customizable, so you can be completely sure that you will never have a video looking like someone else’s with the advantage of showcasing premium animations for your product video ads without any editing experience needed. 

Take a look at these:


Make the most of each important holiday and event to boost your sales and become highly visible by creating Jewelry video ads that fits every occasion and each important event to promote your store.’s Shopify video creator app is fully integrated with your Shopify account, you can upload items for your video straight from your Shopify inventory, no uncomfortable uploading, no time consuming planning, no experience needed, you just bring your ideas and creativity and’s Shopify video creator app will do the rest.


Octovid | Create videos for a Jewelry Store

Today’s users expect their advertising to be brief and trustworthy. By adding a product video ad to your landing page you can increase conversions by up to 80% and will allow your brand to inform your audience quickly and accurately about your offers, sales, your brand, your promotions or anything that you consider will boost your business. More than 1 billion videos are being shared on social media on a daily basis. This means that product video ads is a powerful platform for conversion and accurately target consumers and prospects. This trend is fueled by 83% of businesses believing that video marketing gives them a good ROI.

Videos make some serious money, why not try it?’s Shopify app will give you free credits to create and publish your product video ads and see it for yourself!