Pay only for what you will use

The Octovid Player uses a “pay-as-you-go” pricing model. View credits don’t expire so you only use them when you need them.

$50 per 1,000 View Credits

special launch pricing

  • Access to all pro features
  • View credits never expire
  • Get started with a free trial

Frequently asked Questions

1. Is Octovid GDPR Compliant?

Your visitor’s data is only “processed” to personalize the videos in real time. It’s not saved. So yes, it’s GDPR.

2. What happens when an Octovid is shared on social media?

An Octovid is hosted on a web page and behaves exactly how you set the AI parameters for a visitor or a range of visitors.

3. How does Octovid work on mobile?

The Octovid Player works like any other video app on mobile. It’s 100% responsive and can resize to any format in real time. Even with all the dynamic detailing and real-time keyword pulling, Octovid works without any display interference.

4. Why do I need Octovid?

Imagine sending an email campaign to your audience list and every single person who lands on your web page through this link sees their own name, designation or any other parameter you want to set. The Octovid Player makes this happen now.

5. What is a view credit?

A view credit is equal to one of your Octovid Player videos being viewed once. You get some free view credits with the Octovid Player when you first signup for an account. More view credits can be purchased in packs of 1,000 view credits.

6. Can I try the Octovid Player before I buy?

Absolutely! You will get fully featured access to the Octovid Player with free view credits to help get you started.

For more frequently asked questions, see our support center.

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