The Shopify video ads builder

Octovid turns your Shopify products into animated adverts in minutes and lets you to share them across your social networks instantly.

Octovid makes it easy to create product video ads

With you can power up your marketing advertising ideas by creating high quality product adverts in minutes with our video ad creator. We offer the best solution for your marketing needs: quick and easy, at an affordable price and with the most beautifully designed premium templates.

Octovid - the Shopify video ads app

Make your promotional product video ad in just minutes thanks to our easy-to-use intuitive interface.

Octovid - the Shopify video ads app

Who said that to create a promotional video, you have to spend hours? Why invest hundreds of dollars and hire expensive agencies when you can get the same results you want at an affordable price?

Octovid - the Shopify video ads app

In order to compete in today’s ecommerce business, you need a professional video to promote your products and your store.

What video ads can be created with Octovid?

We understand the importance of maintaining your brand look and identity, which is why we offer an online advertiser maker that has a wide variety of premium design templates that are fully customizable and beautifully designed and carefully created for being flexible for all video marketing purposes. 

With Octovid you can:

Create Shopify Product Video Ads

Create Product Intro Videos

Create Facebook Product Video Ads

Create Explainer Video Ads

Create Youtube Video Ads

Add video to Shopify product page

Create Instagram Product Video Ads

Create Video Ads for Dropshipping

Create Social Media Ads

Create Event Video Ads

Create Instagram Stories

And much more…

Product video ads made

Octovid was built to help Shopify merchants create awesome product video ads without any editing knowledge .

Step 1. Select a template

Our motion graphics designers have done all the hard work, you just need to select from our growing library of professionally designed animated templates. 

Step 2. Add your products

Simply use Octovids search facility to quickly add your products or collections to the video project. It’s as easy as search and click.

Step 3. Adjust the details

Quickly update any text, this includes the product name, description, price and compare price if it has one. You can also click the product image to select a different one and upload your own images or search the library.

Create, edit and publish

Create and share your video ads on social media, websites, blog posts and emails within minutes and without any video editing experience.


Select a template, choose your products and instantly preview your video advert


Publish your video ads and share on your social media profiles now


Drive more traffic to your store to help increase sales, track and improve ROI

No video editing
experience needed

Simple drag & drop interface, you'll be up and running in no time. Create new promotional video ads in minutes

Keep your branding consistent, always

Choose from our themes and apply your brand colours to your video ads, add your shop logo and website

No waiting around to
see a preview video

Add a new product and view how your video ads look instantly with no time delays