Video Marketing For My Shopify Store:


Driving Traffic Through Animated Video

Businesses are embracing video content as a potent alternative for generating leads. Whether as your primary content strategy or an alternative, video marketing is known for producing results. The beauty of using animated video is the cost, Shopify store owners can quickly make their videos with the right tools. You don’t need to invest in expensive or sophisticated tools to make your videos. All that is needed is a concept and idea, which should include what you intend to achieve with the video. In essence, ensure your video adds value to the audience.

As a Shopify store owner or an online retailer, you are still living in the past if video marketing is not part of your strategy. The versatility of video makes it a useful tool for driving traffic to your store. There are many reasons why you should create Shopify video;

•    Multiple Video Sharing Platforms

Right from your Whatsapp status to personal blogs, Youtube, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, and Facebook. Video content can also be embedded in your blogs and website. That gives you multiple channels to share your animated videos. That should translate to multiple traffic source for your Shopify stores.

•    Convert Other Content Formats to Videos

Look into your existing content formats and see ones that can be converted to video formats. There already blog post, infographics, and photos that are not generating the right traffic. Create a Shopify video using old contents on your website and blogs to animated video.

•    Eye-Catching, Engaging and Automated

Rarely will you find any social media platform that does not allow video content. On Facebook, Tumblr, Youtube, and Instagram, the videos even play automatically. If they are engaging and entertaining, viewers will not hesitate in clicking the “share” button. Animated videos will help you widen your audience and generate a non-stop traffic flow.

•    Videos are the Content of the Future

According to a report, 88% of businesses experience an increase in sales through video marketing. In reality, many consumers prefer to watch a video about a product than reading about it. Consumers find it easier to relate with video content explaining the product. By the year 2027, the internet will have more video content than other formats.

Your Shopify product video can be in the following format; product videos, product reviews, explainer videos, promotional videos, about us, and many others. It is also important to state that measuring results from video marketing is easy;

1. Conversions; This will give you an idea of the number of those who watched the videos and took an action.

2. Watch Time; How many minutes are people spending on the video and what are they watching. This will give you an idea on what you are doing right.

3. Click Through Rates; your videos should have Call to Action buttons and links. Monitor the response via the buttons.

4. Engagement; How many people liking, commenting, or sharing the videos? This is an important metric.

As a business, it is better to start your video marketing efforts from now rather than wait till when the internet is over-saturated with video contents. However, before you begin searching for a Shopify video tool, ensure you know what you intend to do with the videos. It can either be for increasing online engagement, increasing web traffic, increasing brand awareness or educating your customers.


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