What Are The Benefits Of Using Personalized Videos On Your Website?

The Octovid Player player is unique in so far as it allows our customers to upload video footage to their dashboard and create personalized video versions of it in minutes – this means millions of different versions uniquely displayed to each viewer. Our customer then simply adds a snippet of code to their website, similar to an embed you’d use for a YouTube video. This personalized video then reacts differently to each viewer and displays different content based on the viewers current time, location and even weather conditions. If our customer is sending out an email campaign and they have their subscribers names – they can even add these so the personalized video displays each subscribers name as text when they view the video.

If somebody is in New York and it’s 8 p.m. in the evening and they visit your website, the video footage could update to show New York taxi cabs at night-time and the text can also relate to this too. On the other hand, if somebody was in Spain and it’s a lovely sunny morning at 10 am the video footage could show sunny weather. Once you set this up initially, the process happens automatically.


how's New York



Using merge tags from your mail campaign to update the personalized video in real-time

One example of one of our customers using The Octovid Player would be an online store selling a dog food allergy product. When chatting to them we suggested that if you have your subscribers or customers names they could actually update the video on her website so that it would say “hi Susan” or “hi John” for example. We laughed and said if you had the actual dogs names you could even add them into too. This was even funnier when we realized that had already collected this data so now the video could say “hello Suzanne how’s Rex” or “hello John how’s Benji”.


how's today?

This brings another level of personalization to the viewer when visiting your website from an email campaign. We continued our conversation and suggested that if they knew the breed of each particular dog, it actually changed the video footage dynamically in real time to show that specific breed of dog to that specific subscriber. The customer laughed and said that they were going to go out and film different breeds of dogs on their phone throughout their neighborhood.

They can simply do a survey asking their current subscribers and customers what breed of dog they currently own. This information is then added to their Klavyio or MailChimp merge tag. Then once within The Octovid Player you set up this merge tag to be recognized, it’s a simple matter of swapping out the video footage based on which breed of dog is met in the criteria of that particular subscriber. The Octovid Player will then do this automatically when your email campaign is sent out live and the email recipients click the call-to-action to bring them to the landing page where The Octovid Player is embeded. 

So there you have it, a personalized video for everyone!

An example of personalized video

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A personalized video will contain elements such as the customer’s name, purchase history, location, time and even weather conditions. This software is very user-friendly and it allows you to include all the elements that make personalized videos so compelling. You can easily put together your personalized video by signing up and start providing personalized content today so your customers can feel special!

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